The corridor between cities south of Carpinteria and Santa Barbara/Goleta had been bridged by the Pacific Surfliner operated by Amtrak and the LOSSAN.

The LOSSAN Rail Corridor Agency (Agency) is a joint powers authority originally formed in 1989 that works to increase ridership, revenue, capacity, reliability, coordination and safety on the coastal rail line between San Diego, Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo. It is governed by a 11-member Board of Directors composed of elected officials representing rail owners, operators, and planning agencies along the rail corridor. The LOSSAN Agency is staffed by the Orange County Transportation Authority.

On April…

Imagine your are Elon Musk. Just for a second or two. You’re a smart guy and you know that obviously you shouldn’t try to release a product that costs more to make than you can sell it for. You’ve talked about pricing when the world was normal, and took reservations for your product based on a full build of materials (BOM).

But then the damn Covid hit the world, demand for steel came to screeching halt, so factories shut down and sent people home.

Then the demand for steel rebounded. Like back to normal. Faster actually than any of the…

Matt Mason

Which Way is Up?

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